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Election Time Again...Judge Mike Orfinger

I was first elected to the bench in 2014, and I have been honored to serve as your Circuit Judge for the past five years. Every day when I walk into the courtroom, I am reminded of the responsibility I have to the law and to the people of Volusia, St. Johns, Flagler and Putnam Counties to serve with honor and integrity on the bench.

I have presided over thousands of cases during the past five years.  I have worked in the Family Law and Civil Divisions, as well as the Mental Health Division. The mental health cases assigned to me deal with substance abuse treatment under Florida's Marchman Act.  The Marchman Act provides for emergency assistance and temporary detention for individuals requiring immediate detoxification, substance abuse evaluation, and involuntary treatment.

Those who come before the Court in any given case have opposing interests and goals.  The attorneys who represent them are obligated to advocate for their clients’ interests.  As a judge, I have the unyielding obligation to look at every case neutrally.   My allegiance is to the law and only to the law.   It is my job to decide how the law applies to the facts as found by a jury, and in nonjury cases I am responsible for making independent and impartial determinations of the facts as well.

Television and movies may lead some people to believe that a judge’s black robe is a symbol of power, but I don’t see it that way.  To me, the robe symbolizes responsibility – responsibility to the law and to the parties and attorneys who must abide by it. Every case presents its challenges, and many cases present difficult and complex legal questions.  I have a passion for addressing those challenges and finding answers to those crucial questions, but when I put on my robe I never forget that the rulings I make are not academic exercises; they affect real people and businesses, often in profound and permanent ways. 

Some of my most rewarding days are spent in the Mental Health Division when I meet with people for whom I’ve ordered substance abuse treatment so they can report on their progress.  I can actually see first-hand how changed they are by getting the help they need to fight their addictions and how enthusiastic they are about getting a new chance at life.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you, our community and the law during these past five years.  I hope to have your vote in 2020 to continue serving as your Circuit Judge.

Mike Orfinger

7th Judicial Circuit

St. Johns


All registered voters in all four counties may vote in judicial campaigns.